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Daily English

Cùng học Tiếng Anh mỗi ngày ! Một số thành ngữ thông dụng trong Tiếng Anh

Blind you with science
If someone tries to blind you with science, he/she confuses you with his/her knowledge by using difficult or technical words.

When you ask Tim for a simple explanation, he blinds you with science.

Đem kiến thức của mình ra để khoe khoang - Khoe chữ

Can't make head or tail of
If you can't make head or tail of something, you can't understand it at all.

Amy's message was so confusing. I couldn't make head or tail of it!

Không hiểu gì cả

Không hiểu đầu cua tai nheo

Someone who copies the work (or mimics the actions) of others.

Janie is a copycat- she was looking at my answers while we were taking the test!

Bắt chước một cách mù quáng

Drop out of school
To stop attending school.

Maurice had to drop out of school when his mother became ill so that he could help take care of her.

Bỏ học nửa chừng

Eager beaver
Someone who works very hard and is very enthusiastic.

The young girl is an eager beaver and always comes to class before the other students.

Một từ thông tục chỉ Người lao động chăm chỉ cần mẫn

Can you guess the meaning of this idiom?

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